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STORE » FIGURES » Gorthang the Swamp Master

Gorthang the Swamp Master

Gorthang is an ancient creature living in the swamps for centuries. It is the oldest form of inteligent creature in this region and no one knows where it came from. Gorthang is the ally of Orcs and he supports them in war campaigns and protect their and his territories. Orcs can live in those territories only because this magnificent creature has given his permission. However he is an evil creature and he demands tributes in money and sacrifices, and he is lavished with gold.

Figure size:
280 mm high
rider 28-32 mm
base 100x100mm
limited edition-300 copies only
Designed/sculpted/painted: Karol Rudyk
Product includes:unpainted dragon figure with rider and base, card with concept art and metal pendant with logo
Copyright: Karol Rudyk Art


199 euro